29 March 2005

Mama's Got A Brand New Bag.

This is another attempt at bag felting. I gave it to my mother, because she tries to bring the entire effing office home with her each evening. Once she gets home, she likes to complain about how her shoulder hurts. Gee, I wonder why... I decided to make handles from leather straps because I got lazy, and didn't feel like making an I-Cord. It's just as well, because now she can cram even more stuff into it. See how practicality can be big fun?!

28 March 2005

You never forget your first.

Before and after shots of my first felted bag, made with Lamb's Pride Worsted Yarn, using the French Market Bag pattern on Knitty.com. My studly male pig, Trefflé sits next to the finished bag for purposes of scale. Unfortunately, he wasn't feeling particularly photogenic, so he protested by literally, showing his ass. Then again, he is a boar...

Welcome to [Grandma's] Nightmare!

The White House Apartments, located just south of downtown are reputed to be haunted. I love that type of thing...back in the day (like say, the turn-of-the-century before last) it was the original St. Joseph Hospital, which has now morphed into the Creighton University Medical Center, (aka Killer St. Joe). My grandmother had her appendix removed at their location on South 13th Street, which was even creepier looking than this place. It was in the early 1940s, and the surgeon was "three sheets to the wind" as the expression goes. His brother was called in to finish the surgery, and he did so, even if he left a huge amount of scar tissue in the process. Grandma lived a long, productive life, despite the potential for a nice fat malpractice suit. History is fun, isn't it?!

22 March 2005

That Easter Bunny is a baaaaaad mutha...

Another one from the Strange-But-True file...and life here in The Heartland just keeps getting better and better all the time. Dig this: "The Easter Bunny got hopping mad Saturday and ended up in jail..."

17 March 2005

Who Felted?!

String of Purls, one of my preferred local suppliers while here in the land-that-time-forgot, decided to have a Felted Bag Contest. I dropped by for my bi-monthly fix of Koigu, and was simply astounded by the creativity of the entries! So I returned Wednesday to take a few pictures...

Okay, a few actually ended up to be 36, but I'd like to thank Anne (one of the owners) and Sheryl, who graciously allowed me to take a wad of photos, and even agreed to pose for me!

The winners will be chosen later today, and as much as I'd love to be there to take part in the festivities, I've decided to not venture out of the house today, as people throwing up mass quantities of green beer really scare the hell out of me (and they are very much on the loose right about now). But I'll check on it (when I go back to buy even more yarn I have no business getting), and let you know the results.

Meanwhile, check out the amazing bags by following this link.