25 July 2007

True Terror.

For those of you who were wishing for a post, deal with this visual. Can you Name the Celebrity Bunion? Here's a hint: 'manky slag.' Here's another one--her husband makes his living using his feet. I feel bad for their offspring..for so many reasons.

Meanwhile, here are a few items of note that have transpired since my last missive--it got hot as all hell again, the humidity continues to rise, I still have a headache (although it's far less severe), and after two-and-a-half months of PMS, menopause has once again gone dormant. I'm still starting countless knitting projects, and finishing very few (but it's a part of the process, you understand). Omaha remains unbearable, but scandalizing the locals keeps my brain from atrophying further. Tragically, it takes so little to upset them, that I require further challenges than this godforsaken pit of agricultural hell offers. Mais le plus ├ža change...

The good news is I got on Ravelry, and the corn here is freaking HUGE, but the bad news is I'm seriously addicted, and it doesn't digest so good.

Apply those any way you like. Time for more Excedrin. Peace!

17 July 2007


I've been suffering through this migraine for over a-week-and-a-fucking-half now, and it's truly blowing my mind. It actually feels like my mind is literally blowing up inside my skull, to be precise, and none of my usual drugs are beating back the evil beast into submission. So, I spent last evening in the ER of the nearest hospital getting drugs shot into my system, in the hope it would be somewhat more effective.

After the buzz wore off, guess what? It wasn't.

I'm swallowing fistfuls of analgesics so that at least the throbbing will cease. If I believed in Satan, I'd swear that the devil himself had crawled up and into my head, parked his troublemaking ass near my left eyeball, and begun to squeeze it for all he's worth, because the whole thing genuinely FEELS LIKE HELL.

Can you dig it? (I knew that you could).

But enough whining for now. Here are
a few of the projects I've either finished or tried to finish up (when my vision returns for brief periods, anyway)...
You see, my stuff goes well with aging linoleum, concrete,
and/or really painful platforms. Cool, ain't it?

Most of the patterns are based upon those from Kate Atherley's 'Basic Ribbed Sock Pattern' because I don't feeling like thinking deeply when the weather is this shitty. The drugs aren't much help toward concentration, either. But the yarns used (from top to bottom) are as follows: Meilenweit Fantasy, Color No. 4830, Hill Country Sweet Feet in Purple Mountain, and Regia 4-Ply Canadian Color No. 4741 (aka Brazil). The one in the middle was knit using 2.5mm needles, while the others were made on 2.25mm. And I haven't a clue as to why Regia thought Brazil had fuck-all to do with Canadian Color. Whatever.

In addition, I whipped up the lovely Lutea Lace-Shoulder Shell from the latest Interweave Knits, which I chose to make using Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in Salmon Berry Red from two (count-em!) dye lots. I don't care if anyone notices or not, because I'm in pain. So there. I'll post it when I get a proper pic of it to post.

But now, I'm sigining off, because all this mess is straining what's left of my eyesight.

Stay real!

09 July 2007

Ya Think...?

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