11 December 2007

This Is What's Up (and its very, very, very graphic-intensive).

Look, I've been busy, alright? When I wasn't trying to make a mad dash from the Wild (not Mild) Midwest (and the whole shootin' match--fo' real), I was trying to plan, knit, and complete a shitload of Christmas stuff. You see, I've decided to make most of the gifts I'm giving this year. (What in hell was I thinking??) Then there's the kitchen floor (a biohazard, to be sure). Needless to say, I'm happy to be back in the land where I can actually afford to get sick and buy my own damn meds. While I was away, my knitting friends have been busy little entrepreneurs, setting up shop(s), and making mad jack so they can knit even more!

What this means, is that I have even more public displays of knitting to project onto the Universe (or Multiverse)! This is most excellent, indeed. Here are a few scenes for you to enjoy:

A slightly exposed doll, knit by the fabulous Jennie L.

Say 'Hello' to Jennie's Little Friends!

Melanie modelling Mary J.'s Cinchy Hat

More Melanie featuring the faux-fireplace, and Miss Mary's Mac.

Mary & Jennie doing that bidness thang.

Now that you've seen the pics, here are the deets: most of these photos were shot at the brand-spankin' new location of Ariadne Knits, now sporting a brick-and-mortar shop, ready for you to buy lots and lots (and lots) of yarn! (Click on the link to get the addy, hours, and digits).

But wait, there's more...

The Lovely Robyn (aka Sako Koivu's No. 1 fan) has hung her cybershingle out with lots of yarn and notions for all you good (and bad) little girls and boys. She's got Mirasol and Colinette, and Noro and Claudia's Hand-Painted Sock Yarn, and more...Her joint is RobynsNest.ca so everybody Go! Visit! Buy!

All you toy freaks out there check out Montreal Knits Very Own Jennie L., who got her pattern, "Sally the Eco Fairy" published in the latest issue of Knitty. Her other creations (displayed above), can be purchased at the Ariadne Knits site. Not only is Jennie a talented designer of toys, she's a healer, and my family adviser of undergarments for 'Sistas of Substance,' if you get my meaning. (And I think you do). Now that's what I call multi-faceted. Can you dig it? (...I knew that you could).

That's about all for now. I'll post more when I bloody well feel like it. Now that I have a little more time to myself, I should be able to. I should, anyway. Okay...

Ciao, belli!