24 November 2004

Gratitude not Greed

Although this probably pisses the hell out of advertising and/or marketing types, I'm one of those freaks who refuses to do the whole Christmas decoration thing until after American Thanksgiving. People seem to be more and more obsessed with consumerism instead of concentrating their efforts on getting instead of giving. Just when I thought humanity had reached it's nadir, some asshole finds a way to to lower the bar even further...

My dearly departed Aunt Dorothy was one of those people who meant well, but she had this tendency to cause nervous disorders in several of my blood relatives. That aside, her heart was genuinely enormous, and whether it was food, shelter, or clothing, she was all about giving (whether we liked it, or not). Those of us blessed enough to be related to her, learned from her example, and this indeed has proven to be a gift that truly keeps on giving. She had some other personality traits (or perhaps, disorders) that have infected some of us, as well. But we won't get into that right now. I'm trying to keep this up on a positive tip. Her gifts were given through kind acts as well as items of necessity. She was all about sharing, which is becoming all too rare, of late.

My rant has comes from a spiritual place as well as a worldly one. In this world of excess, it can be a real struggle to live a life that embraces simplicity. Nevertheless, one way of making a contribution can be something as simple as making time to volunteer for a social cause that promotes giving instead of taking. Another way is by setting an example of giving like my late Auntie did. And then, as another way of making a small statement against consumerism-gone-crazy, I invite you to join us who will be observing "Buy Nothing!" Day, November 26, 2004.
Learn more about it here:

- D.


Knitting in Texas said...

You will be glad to know that I did absoultely no shopping today. In fact, I actually missed Thanksgiving with a nasty cold. So much for the holidays.

deawn said...
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deawn said...

Good for you! Sorry about the cold, however--that rather sucks.

But I'm sure you're very thankful indeed that it wasn't pneumonia instead...

Love them silver linings, eh?

Bon santé,
- D.

Frederick Zappone said...

Do you think people are into excess as a way to fill the emptiness inside of them? I got tired of the whole consumerism "buy more" gig in 1998. I paid off all my debt and refuse to buy anything that I do not need. Yes, there are things I WANT but I know from past experience that trying to fulfill my WANTS never made me happy. Today, I only buy what I NEED. My life today is simple and with having less material things I actually experience more of the things that are most important to me such love, friendship, laughter and spending quality time with the people I love.

deawn said...

No doubt, that's the case for some (perhaps many). It's great to know you're working at weaning yourself from the teat of excess, and simplifying your life. For me, it's kind of a one-day-at-a-time process, because I've been so brainwashed into the whole buy-buy-buy mentality.

It's a very cold world out there, and it's not getting any warmer, I'm sorry to say.