21 November 2006

I'm Not In Recovery.

¡Ay Papi!
You scored 83%.

Yes. You are addicted; you are a compulsive over knitter.
Your stash and projects are the envy of many other knitters, but family members may be a bit tired of being asked their opinion about stitch patterns.

Evaluate your own situation: Click Here

In honor of all the knitters I know who have a bun in the oven, the photo of the penguins is dedicated especially to y'all. The best part is that the baby is peeking out of the daddy's pouch. (Why can't somebody make one of those for human fathers?)

Maybe I'll felt one up. (Get it? I made a funny!)

12 November 2006

Geeked. To the utmost.

That's all I can say. For the first time in like--weeks, I'm speechless. You see, I've experienced so very much recently, it's blowing my mind. Truly. See, I travelled, I got extremely queasy, I survived, I endured--and through it all, I knitted.

But wait...there's more!

I've had any number of brushes with greatness, of various kinds--so I haven't a clue where to begin (not that it's ever stopped me). So I'll just post in my usual freewheeling, rambling style...

First of all, Big-Enormous-HUGE-Ups to Minnie and Judith for contributing to Montreal Knits/CBC Montreal Radio Noon's Knit-Along for Dans La Rue. The squares received were lovingly assembled into some of the most fabulous blankets ever, (and in the case of Yours Truly, are still being assembled--but I never was one for speed). Ladies, should you wish to have your 15-minutes of fame, take pride in the fact that your notoriety will last much longer, and reach throughout the Universe (perhaps even the Cosmos) by way of this link to the CBC Radio Noon Website. Omaha gets an honorable mention, even if I damn near lost-my-effing-mind trying to get outta there. Many thanks to you for your contributions!
Kate & Mini-She (aka Tadpole)
Thursday evening, during one of Montreal Knit's Plateau Knitting Thangs, Chez Caféo, I got to meet even more knitters who came on board during my exile in The Land of Corn, and kick back with those whom I knew, but had lots of catching up to do. Kate (I-Design-Lots-Of-Cool-Shit-Not-Just-Clapotis) Gilbert brought Miss Tadpole along, so I got to hold her while discussing world events, hair care products, and her very cool toys. She has no fear, that one. Such a brave, strong girl! I'm so impressed--but it reminds me that I'm not mother material (unless the babies are covered with fur and eat their own poop). You know, guinea pigs. Anything higher maintenance than that would surely merit a visit from CPS. However, a magnificent time was had by all, even if Kate posted this horrid picture of me on her blog, which makes me look as grossly out-of-shape as I actually am. (Damn!) But then again, I'm all about free publicity, so maybe I can Photo Shop it out eventually...or not.
Jennifer (with the coolest sock ever) and Robyn (and her Unborn Future Knitter).
While it's true that I missed Rhinebeck, Friday last made up for it. I got to experience laughter, cameraderie, and a killer club sandwich courtesy of Mme. Yarn Harlot herself--Ms. Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, a whole mess o' Montreal Knitters, and Hurley's Irish Pub (in that order). It started with La Harlot's appearance at the McGill Bookstore, thanks to the People's Liberated Knitting Front of McGill University. She's a very entertaining speaker, who loves that you knit during her talk. In fact, she is exactly as you'd expect her to be after reading any of her books. Plus, she's like that after spending the evening with a bunch of starving/thirsty knitters who've had a few Guinnesses. (It was like we got an extra--yet not, because she's very real and truly down-to-earth). She waxes humourously about so many different elements of modern life, aside from knitting! It was just...you know, fun. Plus, she was kind enough to pose in a picture with me, and agreed to flash signs. Problem is, she noted that I look goofy as hell in the shot. She's right, I do. But I really believe the photo shows the true essence of our respective personalities...

Which is why I am not about to post it here. That, and I'm vain as hell. If you want to see it, e-mail me directly, and I'll consider sending you a copy. But only after you've signed the release. I can't have a messy Vanessa Williams-esque surprise pop out of the woodwork once the world recognizes me for the Shining Star I Truly Am (an' shit...)
Kadi is way more photogenic than I am. Damn her!!!
Meanwhile, I continue on my sock-knitting binge, as I attempt to mix in some Christmas gift projects. It's kind of tricky, because I basically live to procrastinate. You see, I'm blissfully non-goal oriented, unless you consider not setting goals to be a priority. This whole 'deadline thang' reminds me of my time at University (and all prior years of education) in which I put off absolutely everything possible until the very last fucking minute. Like when you have to get started on an extra-long, ultra-important paper, worth 216% of your grade, but oddly enough, the need to mop the kitchen floor simply can't be stifled. Sometimes, I'd make phone calls to people I didn't really want to talk to, (all in the name of putting off the inevitable). While I'm not inspired to take it to that degree, knitting that which should be knitted isn't something I'm hyped to do, right about now. But in a couple of weeks, no doubt I'll be frantic, and ready to get to the impossible. Because hey. That's how I roll. You feel me?

Guess I should stop typing the longest post I've made in the entire three years of this very blog, and get back to the knitting, before I put even my own ass to sleep. (Don't laugh. It's happened. Fo' real).

Now here's the weird animal photo that you've all come to expect.