02 August 2012

When good desserts go bad

'Tis a very shameful thing indeed.  But this picture, as it appears, bears closer examination.  It turns out a human was culpable for the theft and break-in, not the cheeky confection.  The drama took place in Breckenridge, Colorado.  Read about it here (but you might want to eat something first).

24 July 2012

Hamsters + Art = Love.

This is brilliant.  Possibly beyond brilliant.  It showcases hamsters in various still life representations right here.  The genius artist behind this work is Elena Eremina, who allows her pet hamsters to go free-range after her family turns in for the night. 

I wish I'd thought of this. 

16 June 2012

Can't get that taste out of my mouth...


Engaging in oral with squid, whether cooked or raw, is never a good idea.  Unfortunately, a 63-year old woman in South Korea found out the hard way, after being violated by her meal.  Read the whole sordid story right here...

21 February 2011

Inmate Had Condom Stuffed With 30 Items Crammed Up His Anus


* 1 cigarette

* 6 matches

* 1 flint

* 1 empty syringe with eraser over needle

* 1 lip balm container

* 1 condom

* 1 CVS receipt

* 1 paper coupon*

* And much, much, much, more!!!

Courtesy of our friends at The Smoking Gun.

Someone seriously needs to hip this guy to the reality that his poop chute is not a clown car.

That is all...

* Really?

19 March 2010

17 February 2010

I think I used to work here.

For those of you who are looking for the BBC Documentary links I mentioned at the February 17 Montreal Knits gathering, here they are:

My Penis & Everyone Else's
The Perfect Vagina

N.B.: They're graphic, so if you're trying to dine on a plate of ziti while watching, you may want to look away or put the fork down.

13 January 2010

"A Tribute to La'Taniana'Bo'Vanashrianiqualiquanice."

My personal favorite: "Guuuuurrrrrrlllll..."

Runner up: "Elephanisha."

This is rife with stereotypes, wrong in so many ways...and utterly hilarious. Enjoy!

14 May 2009

Dalida's New Bruthaz

Najee is on the left, while Flavio is on the right.
Aren't they precious?

05 May 2009


'Tis a sad sad thing when the furries get it more than you do.

15 April 2009

05 February 2009


Personally, I don't recommend taking this so-called expert's advice. At all. Under any circumstance. No, really. Geez!

02 January 2009

We Rogues of Wool

Referred to me by the Fabulous Erin Clark, consider this your New Years gift...and enjoy!