29 November 2004

For No Apparent Reason

A photo of my mother wearing fake cat ears on her birthday, while at work.

28 November 2004

Steve Pederson...especially for you:

"For want of a Nail the Shoe was lost;
for want of a Shoe the Horse was lost;
and for want of a Horse the Rider was lost,
being overtaken and slain by the Enemy".

-Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790)

24 November 2004

Gratitude not Greed

Although this probably pisses the hell out of advertising and/or marketing types, I'm one of those freaks who refuses to do the whole Christmas decoration thing until after American Thanksgiving. People seem to be more and more obsessed with consumerism instead of concentrating their efforts on getting instead of giving. Just when I thought humanity had reached it's nadir, some asshole finds a way to to lower the bar even further...

My dearly departed Aunt Dorothy was one of those people who meant well, but she had this tendency to cause nervous disorders in several of my blood relatives. That aside, her heart was genuinely enormous, and whether it was food, shelter, or clothing, she was all about giving (whether we liked it, or not). Those of us blessed enough to be related to her, learned from her example, and this indeed has proven to be a gift that truly keeps on giving. She had some other personality traits (or perhaps, disorders) that have infected some of us, as well. But we won't get into that right now. I'm trying to keep this up on a positive tip. Her gifts were given through kind acts as well as items of necessity. She was all about sharing, which is becoming all too rare, of late.

My rant has comes from a spiritual place as well as a worldly one. In this world of excess, it can be a real struggle to live a life that embraces simplicity. Nevertheless, one way of making a contribution can be something as simple as making time to volunteer for a social cause that promotes giving instead of taking. Another way is by setting an example of giving like my late Auntie did. And then, as another way of making a small statement against consumerism-gone-crazy, I invite you to join us who will be observing "Buy Nothing!" Day, November 26, 2004.
Learn more about it here:

- D.

22 November 2004

Actual Star Power vs. Self-Indulgence Run Amok.

This is how it should be done:

This is not:

Just a hint: it works so much better if you're a celebrity, and/or more than two people actually care who you are...

21 November 2004

Introducing...My New Pigs!

Princess Nala Alizé Tajuana

The Princess was adopted from the Nebraska Humane Society. Although her previous family stated on her adoption papers that she is 3 years old, her demeanor and size indicate otherwise. She was unbelievably tiny, even for a guinea piglet, and since moving to Grandma's Crib, she has put on a bit of weight. She remains rather timid, but we're working valiantly to socialize her a bit more. Grandma claims that she communicates with her, but I suspect it's more a case of my mother speaking for her (as she does for most people, it seems). She drinks and (subsequently) pees very, very frequently. I hope this is only a nervous habit, and not some weird water addiction...

Trefflé Chanceux DeQuan

The exotic Trefflé came to us from the Capital Humane Society in Lincoln. His previous owners had named him Pepé (ugh!), which is ironic, since he doesn't pee nearly as much as Princess Nala. He is about a year old, and smells like a real boar if you know what I mean. His fur color is called 'brown agouti', and his swirly fur pattern is known as 'abyssinian.' (It's so nice to have that link with Mother Africa, you know). I introduced him to Nala one day, and of course, he tried to force her into assuming the position. Fortunately, I was there to stop any freaky stuff, because the Princess is kind of young for all of that. Trefflé being a male, probably found her youth and beauty irresistable, but I had to get him hip, that he's now in a Matriarchal Domaine. But he is a pig, so I don't expect him to pay me much attention. They never do, it seems.

16 November 2004

Take that, you....

"Fucking hillbillies!!"
- Bill Callahan

"Oklahoma! " (Where the hicks throw oranges in the rain...)

From the "Guns 'n Produce" Department, this just in:
"I am distressed when people are shooting off guns and throwing fruit at our players. I just have a hard time with that..."
- Bill Callahan

11 November 2004

How deep is this?

Quote for the day: ""I'm on the Zoloft to keep from killing y'all."
-Mike Tyson

05 November 2004

Is it something in the water...?

...Good question.

Qué serà serà.

Recently I discovered that I can vote legally in the recent US general election...and a lot of bloody good it did. The Wrong Elements were elected, all across the board, which will no doubt continue to take the world straight to hell in a handbasket. Perhaps I should have attempted to vote for my many dead relatives--but no. I foolishly played by the rules, and look at the trouble we're all in because of it!

I should have known better. Damn.

Things went from bad to worse on Wednesday, when I took my beloved elder guinea pig Val-Dijon to the vet for surgery to remove a giant raspberry-looking tumor from his ass. He made it through the surgery, and was even up and about for a few hours, when the Grim Reaper of Rodents made an appearance, and whisked him off to the Rainbow Bridge. Although I will miss him terribly, at least he gets to be with his dearest pig pal, Stella, who made the journey this past May. My grief is more intense than usual, because I wasn't well prepared for his dying. (He was otherwise in good health--or so I thought).

To add another insult to major injuries in my life, I think I've put my back out digging Val-Dijon's "final resting place."

Things just aren't working out for me this week...but maybe things are working out the way they're supposed to. Perhaps the answers will come later.

I gotta go now...I think I'm getting my period.