27 October 2006

A Visually-Intensive Update (of sorts).

Here's what's been going on since my last post...
An experiment with cabling in Silk Garden

Another thong sock

Mass purchases of Tara's Superwash Merino

A pair of socks made from Tara's Superwash

New Red Chuck Taylor Hi-Tops

The obligatory seasonally appropriate Weird AnimalShot

Hallowe'en--it's what's crackin'
(courtesy of my Cousin Elaine in Denver)

Stay tuned...more news to come...soon!

16 October 2006

Who knew? (Part II)

Personally, I was hoping it would reveal why I like to post completely ridiculous pictures like this:

Perhaps there is no answer.

11 October 2006

Sock it to me-sock it to me-sock it to me-sock it to me...

With sincere apologies to Judy Carne, I submit for your review, some of the many socks I'm currently working on. My exile in Omaha has worked my nerves to the point that I've purchased one of those mega-magnification lamps and have gone completely buck wild. I'm all up into the whole sick sock thang. Meanwhile, I'm working on the obligatory Christmas scarves and oddly-shaped hats for felting purposes, as well.

In addition, I managed to get myself on TV with one of the many (many) SnBs I attend on an irregular basis; although with me, I figure the irregularity is implied, doncha think? Personally, I find the best shot is the one of my hands. You see, I had the foresight to do my nails in advance, and even chatted up the photog (because they never get any love, unlike the egotistical Ted Baxter-esque reporters)...

Nevertheless, I plan to continue my attempts to Escape from Omaha. And to all the Knittas in da MTL, I hope to see you again, very very (very) soon. I hope. I hope, a lot.

02 October 2006

Global knitting for the greater good.

This is proof that I don't merely knit--I manage to star trip at the same time. Read about the very first SnB group I dared to join, and their plan to keep street kids in Montreal warm(-er).

Then, you can read about the organization Dans La Rue,
founded by Father Emmett Johns, aka 'Pops'.

But don't hate me because I'm well-connected...
Everyone reading this blog is welcome to send in a square!
(This means you).

In the event you don't understand the intricacies of mailing small-hand knitted items to Canada, please leave a comment with your e-mail addy, and I'll respond accordingly. Because it's laid out like that. Can ya dig it?

...I knew that you could.

- D.