29 December 2006

This is the best website ever...period!

Happy New Year!Recycling at its strangest

This is without a doubt one of the most bizarre craft sites I've ever seen. Coming from me, that has GOT to count for something. Naturally, I felt the need to share it with you. Make sure you check this out--it's so worth it.

(Thanks to my friend Susan for sharing this with me. She wants to make the gun. I guess her PMS is worse than mine...who knew?)

19 December 2006

Merci mille fois, Shelley!

I love imports!
See all the great loot I got from my Stitch Marker Swap partner Shelley? It's all wonderful, and I've already started using my goodies. Read all about Shelley's Country Variety Life, just outside Edmonton.

I love socks!
I finished another pair of socks, as you can see from my expert modelling above. The were made using Tara's Kona Superwash Merino in Goblin Elbow Blue. I had planned to give them to my Close, Personal, and Special Friend E., but they came out so nice, I think I'll keep them for myself. What's more, he's going to spend the holidays in Trinidad (and I don't mean Colorado...), so he'll have no need for socks until after the first of the year...right? (Besides, I've already knitted up another pair with his name on 'em, so to speak, so it's all good).
This, I can't even make up.
I'll close now with more bizarre photos of cute little animals. Click on the pics to see the site where it all originates...

10 December 2006

Some of what you missed during Sunday's Montreal Knit Thang...

For Melanie: Click Here
(then click on the picture)

For the hell of it:

In addition, we discussed my overhanging epiglottis and tilted cervix, escaped mental patients from the Allen, why math sucks, cold goop used during an ultrasound, and places David Bowie has slept during his visits to Montréal. Then I talked about my felting frenzy, hopefully to be completed prior to Christmas (at this point, even Orthodox would be good). Surf over to Ms. Jennifer Tallapaneni's Pie Knits, and check out her pattern "Stella". (It's one my latest numerous UFOs).

06 December 2006

Stick this in your ear.

Click on the pretty picture and let it take you to a place that will blow your mind.

It's where I been hanging until Taylor's official CD is released, hopefully December 15.

And yes, I've been doing some knitting, as well--although ma vie sportif hasn't been going particualrly well lately. I made the error of attempting to knit during the Habs/Maple Leafs game during Saturday last's Hockey Night In Canada. Stitches were dropped, dpns were flung, and my nerves were shot. Big ups to Saku Koivu (not Koigu) for making the victory happen.

I have other photos, largely of seasonal UFOs, but I'm not hyped to post them right now. Keep checking back to see if I get over it.
Here's your Weird Animal Picture. Enjoy!

04 December 2006

I will so not do this, Sam I. Am!!

Let's begin with this, shall we?

Click here for even more highly inappropriate humor.

But wait...there's more!!

These are must reads--especially if you're a fan of the late, great, Dr. S.

Currently, I'm swamped with Seasonal Gift Knitting, and feel ever-so-grateful that any number of recipients know I'm late for absolutely everything, and may not get their stuff until post Orthodox Christmas. (It's the thought that counts, you understand)...

My medication is taking effect, so I'm going to turn in now. Stay tuned for more madness.