17 March 2005

Who Felted?!

String of Purls, one of my preferred local suppliers while here in the land-that-time-forgot, decided to have a Felted Bag Contest. I dropped by for my bi-monthly fix of Koigu, and was simply astounded by the creativity of the entries! So I returned Wednesday to take a few pictures...

Okay, a few actually ended up to be 36, but I'd like to thank Anne (one of the owners) and Sheryl, who graciously allowed me to take a wad of photos, and even agreed to pose for me!

The winners will be chosen later today, and as much as I'd love to be there to take part in the festivities, I've decided to not venture out of the house today, as people throwing up mass quantities of green beer really scare the hell out of me (and they are very much on the loose right about now). But I'll check on it (when I go back to buy even more yarn I have no business getting), and let you know the results.

Meanwhile, check out the amazing bags by following this link.


Mona strickt said...

She's back!! Lovely to read you again, my dear. Will now check out the felted bags...(a feat I yet have to master myself - as soon as I get my OWN washer!)

Knitting Painter Woman said...

I followed Ms. Strickt's link and read your blog. All the way back to February. Hey... It was ALL interesting, but it wasn't until I got to the list of Anomalous names that I had to write and say THANK YOU! (It was even better than the flaming pile of manure article. How peculiar.

But how would I know. They have cow chip throwing contests around here.