21 November 2006

I'm Not In Recovery.

¡Ay Papi!
You scored 83%.

Yes. You are addicted; you are a compulsive over knitter.
Your stash and projects are the envy of many other knitters, but family members may be a bit tired of being asked their opinion about stitch patterns.

Evaluate your own situation: Click Here

In honor of all the knitters I know who have a bun in the oven, the photo of the penguins is dedicated especially to y'all. The best part is that the baby is peeking out of the daddy's pouch. (Why can't somebody make one of those for human fathers?)

Maybe I'll felt one up. (Get it? I made a funny!)


Knitting Momma said...

Tell all your pregnant friends about either the kangaroo korner fleece or cotton pouches, or the Ergo baby carrier. My DH carried our son ALL THE TIME.


Personally, I liked the Ergo, but in the early weeks and months most swear by the pouches. Carriers are also easy to make...the hardest part is convincing the husband to use them!

Alcariel said...

Deawn!!! I miss you!!! And I am dang jealous that you got to meet the Harlot herself. Nothing new here, but I did hear from my cop neighbor after a silence of about 6 weeks. Yay!!

Snarled Yarns said...

hey, I'm only a recreational knitter! that can't be right!
Anyway happy US Thanksgiving. Miss you!