02 April 2007


An oldie but goodie from the late great Rufus "Funky Chicken" Thomas! With a special appearance by the late Fred "Rerun" Berry from "What's Happenin' "!! Featuring a lady in an obscenely short dress tearin' it up!!! (She's somebody's grandma now, believe it or not...)


Iris said...

You just made my morning.

"Ain't I'm clean?" I gotta rent Wattstax again.

dragon knitter said...

would be funny to find her now, and see waht she looks like. and paris hilton? eat your heart out!

Molly Ann said...

She's quite the dish!

She could probably even rock that pink shorts/pantsuit thing with the white knee boots. Yow!

K. said...

Wow...that was a shocking...SHOCKING clip...Pink suits like those should be outlawed...(I had tears running down my face when he took off that cape cause i was laughing so hard...)

hope said...

Thank you so much. I could have been at that concert, I wasn't, but I could have been. It brought back fun memories. I hate to think that 'those were the days' because they really weren't. But it was a fun time and watching it made my day.

Are you really in Omaha? Sorry.