29 January 2008

Too cold to type (and care).

What is the deal with Jim Vokal's eyes? Does he have thyroid trouble or what??

Godfrey Smith, Minister of Tourism from Belize is straight up man-candy (Word.)

It's fucking cold as all get out up in here. Would somebody please light a furnace or something!?

Okay, bye.


dragon knitter said...

ok, honey, i know you're cold (as are we all in the great white bray (they're all jackasses, i swear)), but if you're going to talk about someone's eyes, can't ya send a link so we can judge for ourselves?

warmly yours.

AliP said...

Fire up those hot flashes, sweet cheeks!!!
Are you wearing all your handknits at once?

jeepchick.net said...

Ok, you weren't kidding. Yes to the Mancandy.