21 August 2008

Escape from Omaha

Please note: if you're looking for me, but can't find me, it's because I have run away back to a place where I can afford to be sick, and buy medicine for my various and sundry conditions. Until I'm re-established, I will have limited internet access, and may appear to have gone underground. That's only partially true...

If you're affiliated with Montreal Knits, brace yourself for my return!

If you're stuck out on the plains, it's been fun, but I had to save my own damn self. See you whenever. Meanwhile, stay tuned for developments as soon as I can post them.


13 August 2008

Update: State of the World

Just when you thought it was safe to display oversized dog dung for the public to admire...
...shit happens.
Who needs the Olympics when you have this kind of thing happening all around you?