25 September 2004

Shutup, shutup, shutup, just shut the eff up, already!!!!!

This here is some shit. We're 1:30 in the a.m. and the Demon Spawn upstairs is making entirely too much noise. I'm not sure what he's doing, but it sounds like he and his little bratty 10 year-old male friends are either practicing kick-boxing moves, or playing ball hockey in the floor. Whatever it is, it needs to stop. Worst of all, this afternoon, I heard the little monster come home and attempt to practice the trombone. He sucks greatly. The good news is that he doesn't do much practicing...

Yesterday, some nut job from Beaconsfield attempted a power play for my beloved knitting meetup group. One has to wonder what motivates a fifty-something woman to appoint herself as Knitting Tsarina for All of Montreal. She's trippin'...she's trippin' hard.

As is always the case this time of year, my allergies are the shits. Time for a snort of Nasacort and some anagesics..

- D.

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