04 December 2005

It's not just me.

Cousin Elaine, Mummy power napping, & Lil' Walter
For those of you who expect a bit more knitting content, see the middle shot which features my mother, inadvertantly modelling the leg warmers I made for her birthday. Elaine lives in the Denver area, as does (not so) Lil' Walter. Elaine is struggling with a bad nicotine habit, and Walter is frequently teased about his resemblance to the character 'Hercules' from Eddie Murphy's remake of "The Nutty Professor." (In all fairness, he had a few beers when I shot the picture). As is the case with Yours Truly, it's difficult to tell if he's tipsy, or is just straight up goofy, without the help of chemical substances.

I realize that any number of you knitting types want to see what I've been working on during my absence, so I offer to you the following, featuring me in a wife beater, modelling the gauntlets I made from yarn purchased in Vermont at the Wool & Sheep Festival, as well as one of my many pairs of Addi's. I have other things, but I don't really feel like posting them right here, right now. So get off my back.

Thank you.

* Mother has no idea whatsoever that this picture is on the web, for all the world to see. A word to the wise, s.v.p.


Karine said...

Love the necklace...

~Jo~ said...

Welcome back home, you know we have missed you bunches. :)

K. said...

You're back!!!!! Can't wait to see you on wednesday!