24 March 2006

Any questions...?

I'd post more often, but I've been busy feeling like bloody hell.

When stressed (especially), I get a lot of random thoughts that protrude into my consciousness, and demand attention. The most recent one involved Lily Chin and a shitload of downers. Prior to that, I was wondering what in hell Phil Spector was thinking when he appeared in court with a serious case of popcorn-head. Sadly, I can't recall what was on my mind before that, because I have a tendency to forget things...whether I'm under stress or not.
When Body Waves Go Bad.
In the meantime, I've been doing a lot of knitting, although as per usual, none of it is ready for prime time. I've completed some sweaters, but they've been donated to Mother, since I made them a bit too enourmous for my plus-sized self. Just for the hell of it, I've been working on a pair of clogs, to which I've crocheted some pseudo-socks/leg warmers. I can't say I'd actually wear them in public, but no doubt someone might. In the meantime, I'm just paying beaucoup d'attention to my Inner Psychotic-Knitting Muse. Please, remind me to stop. Soon.

In the vein of weird regional news and hooking, please follow this link to the tragic story of Melissa Harrington of Lincoln, who spends her leisure time being naked in public. The po-po follow her around and fine her for breaking city statutes which prohibit public nudity in all forms. Never mind that there are three universities with hords of binge-drinking students and meth labs galore, all over town--The Man prefers to spend time and effort chasing this bimbo down. (See, I told you they were unbelievably uptight!) Therefore, I'm seriously considering crocheting some pasties for this person. I might even promote it on a grand scale, à la Dulaan or Afghans for Afghans, or something noble like that.

...Or maybe not. Whatever. I still think she's being targeted unfairly. But no matter. I'm signing off now. Daylight looms, and that means it's time for me to turn in. Aloha, y'all.

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mary j said...

we miss you.

when are you coming back???

mary j