27 February 2006

Mona and Karine Tagged Me...

And they did this like a whole month ago, but this menopause thing is really kicking my ass, so I've been horribly remiss. At any rate, here goes:

4 places you've lived:

Lincoln, Nebraska
Omaha, Nebraska
NDG and

Four Jobs You Have Had In Your Life:

Telemarketer (don't hate--it was inbound only!)
Bank Teller
Death Administrator (ask me about my urns...)

Four Movies You Could Watch Over and Over:
Liquid Sky
Imitation of Life
Blazing Saddles

Four TV Shows You Love To Watch:
Trailer Park Boys (A fucking classic).
Law & Order (in all its incarnations)
Arrested Development (they always can the good stuff)
Forensic Files (I'm Just Gross--but you know this).

Four Places You Have Been On Vacation:

Georgetown, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
Rapid City, South Dakota (not my idea, I was 8)
Ciudad Juarez, Mexico (don't even ask)
Mississauga, Ontario (how broke was I, anyway?)

Four Websites You Visit Daily:
Crunk & Disorderly
The Distorted View
The Nebraska State Patrol Sex Offender Registry

Four of Your Favorite Foods:

Four Places You Would Rather Be Right Now:
In parallel universe where I'd be In Charge.
On a beach, just coolin'.
The Voyageur bus terminus, checking out the freaks
Anywhere but here.

Bloggers You Are Tagging:
Susan (once she gets her blog happening).
Anny (because everyone should check out her really cute doggies)
Jennifer (because she truly deserves a break right about now)


nadine said...

glad to see you surface again.
Too bad you're not closer this month. Hope your birthday was a good one.

Susan said...

Note to all:

Deawn is alive and somewhat well. Well she her normal self. Saw her on last on March 7. After that, it's anybody's guess. She hasn't called for bail money, so she's not in jail.

Susan...her Texas/Platypus friend