10 August 2006


Stankety-stank-stank. That's what my world is submerged in, right about now. Stank. The temp is stank, the humidity is stank, and the dew point is especially stank. All this stankiness has caused me to--that's right, you guessed it...stank. And when I stank, my knitting gets stank. Everything I'm working on these days smells as if it has its very own sebaceous glands, and those bad boys are completely in overdrive. I'm not sure which is greater--the amount of Febreeze I'm using, or the amount of sweat I'm generating. Suffice it to say, I'm having one helluva time trying to stay on top of this whole Anti-Stank Movement. Did I mention that I've developed yet another allergy to my latest excuse-for-deodorant? It's damn near 40C out-effing-doors, and I manage to get this bad-looking rash on my armpits. Like it's not hot enough on it's own, this thing has the nerve to burn, as well. (Great! More heat!! Bring it on!!!)
Basta. I'm through whining (for now). So that I don't get tossed from any webrings, here's a photo of my latest (albeit, stank) creation. It's a baby bib using Michelle Kissoore's pattern from Spun Magazine. I whipped up this creation with Bertagna Filati's 'Gaudi' ( à propos--doncha think?) in Color No. 70. It's slubby and plied, which should make trying to launder out baby puke a real delight (but hey, I have flaming armpits and killer stench to concern myself with right now...the rest is somebody else's problem).

My efforts with Gable-in-Iced-Orchid continue, as well as several swatches/dishcloths, and a shitload of tanks/camisoles--you know, the usual. I'll post pictures when I'm feeling it, but right now, all I feel is...

Stank. So be nice (or I'll be forced to spray you. And don't think I won't do it, because I definitely will). You've been warned!!


Knit Chick said...

Hmm, baby bibs. Maybe I should try making some of those.... before the baby is born!

AR said...

My 7yr old tried febreeze for perfume yesterday. Don't ask me why!hahaha I keep developing new alergies, too, and one deodorant that seems to be working is the cheap sauve stuff. I really like your blog. Think I'll go browse your older stuff!