19 July 2006

Gable in Iced Orchid

This is my version of the pattern 'Green Gable.' As you can see, it's in no way green. Instead, I chose a lovely shade of pink (No. 1086) in KFI's King Tut (I liked the sheen). Sadly, the pattern stopped just short of meeting the needs of my 'full-figured boobs,' so I was forced to do a bit of math to enlarge it accordingly. Hopefully my alterations will allow for a tasteful adaptation to my massive melons(?) while diminishing the prominence of my gut. If not, I'll just suck in a lot while wearing it.

It's my goal to finish this thing before the end of this year. Wish me luck.


Susan said...

It's quite lovely. Bravo! I'm currently knitting on Steve's cast-iron socks...another story for another day.

dragon knitter said...

and you're not planning on breathing, right?