25 July 2007

True Terror.

For those of you who were wishing for a post, deal with this visual. Can you Name the Celebrity Bunion? Here's a hint: 'manky slag.' Here's another one--her husband makes his living using his feet. I feel bad for their offspring..for so many reasons.

Meanwhile, here are a few items of note that have transpired since my last missive--it got hot as all hell again, the humidity continues to rise, I still have a headache (although it's far less severe), and after two-and-a-half months of PMS, menopause has once again gone dormant. I'm still starting countless knitting projects, and finishing very few (but it's a part of the process, you understand). Omaha remains unbearable, but scandalizing the locals keeps my brain from atrophying further. Tragically, it takes so little to upset them, that I require further challenges than this godforsaken pit of agricultural hell offers. Mais le plus ├ža change...

The good news is I got on Ravelry, and the corn here is freaking HUGE, but the bad news is I'm seriously addicted, and it doesn't digest so good.

Apply those any way you like. Time for more Excedrin. Peace!


dragon knitter said...

posh spice t'ain't so posh, as far as i'm concerned. i think she turned into scary spice.

and here's mine!

Skulking over the plains, wielding a sharpened screwdriver, cometh Minnie! And she gives a gutteral grunt:

"I'm seriously going to hump you all the way to Chung-Chong-Buk-Do!!"

Tania Sk said...

The discoloration in her toes is hell of gross. It's really funny that you posted this. I've been dreadfully tired of looking at gnarled feet in fancy strappy footwear. Thankfully the weather is changing.