21 November 2007

Eternally (Infernally) Useful.

Lovely, isn't it?
While I was in the family room chez funeraire, I saw a lovely wood casket waiting for its contents...It suddenly dawned on me that it'd make a great background to show off my second Clapotis, made from Koigu PPPM.

See? You can take it with you!
This would make a great surface for blocking.
This is the lid to a box that held a cremation container. After looking at it, I realize how useful it'd be for blocking a really long shawl. Regrettably, it's going to go back on the box for transport back to the crematory.

So much for recycling. Anyway, I dare Martha Stewart to come up with anything this clever, yet practical. So there.


Jennifer said...

See, now, it's reasons like this why I keep coming back to your blog. Practical AND useful. Way to think outside the box Deawn! Literally! LOL

Snarled Yarns said...

I'd be carefull challenging the "domestic queen"!

PenCraft said...

A most entertaining blog! Read back through pretty much all the entries on the main page here, and even listened to the BBC broadcast on the Iceland museum's penis collection. What a breath of fresh air! Love the guinea pig pics. I'm linking to you from my blog today.

Tania Sk said...

Hi Deawn. Nice to see you're posting again. I like your mortuary props. You may appreciate this post over on my blog: