27 April 2008

Now, I'm Hyping My Cousin.

Hey, Everybody!
Click On Over and Buy My Cousin's New CD.

(Go ahead...I'll wait).

Back? Okay, thanks. And be sure to tell your friends to buy a bunch of these, as well. You see, we had to listen to him practice for too many years, as he honed his musicianship--generally in the basement of my grandmother's house. She'd wake up and smell the unmistakable combination of Gonesh No. 7 (and weed) wafting up from downstairs, and see a light on, so she knew it was him 'getting in the groove' and stuff. Mostly, and stuff, but it's all good. He's done quite well for himself, even if we weren't always as supportive as we could have been. Nevertheless, he persevered, and is now a well-respected musician with a graduate degree (just in case).

That's all the hustling I plan to do for now. So, ciao for now, babes.

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