03 May 2008

Stuff I Like.

First, I have to give a shout out to MaggieBelize from Ravelry, who graciously accepted my blind enquiry about life (and men) in Belize. It's great corresponding with another knitterista who is loves typing about the Central American/Caribbean nation. Speaking of Belize, it's time to post another pic of one of the many hot papis from my ¡caliente! file:

This is Orlando Habet
(and I wants me some of that)
Mr. Habet is the official head of chickens, (or some such title having to do with poultry). I know just looking at him has me ovulating. If I can still do that (hard to tell anymore).
I like this sock.
Meanwhile, I'm still knitting all manner of items, among which, I have an assload in my queue (so to speak). Earlier in the day, I came across this pattern called 'Fluke' as in, 'if I ever manage not to screw up lace, it'll be a real fluke.' I've included a photo of how they're supposed to look. Although I'm too demented and visually impared to knit lace, hope springs eternal, and I keep trying, just the same. When will I learn? Ms. Laurie Lee of SLC is the designer of this lovely pattern, by the way.

As to my escape from Corn Country, I imagine it'll be sometime in June. Some serious shit is going down in my world, and it's completely thrown a spanner in my works. The breaks, you know? Nevertheless, my refusal to acknowledge reality will keep me from completely giving in to adversity. I figure if it worked for Dan Quayle, it can work for me...

More to come. Meanwhile, enjoy the pretty pictures, and celebrate spring--even if it includes the occasional snowflake.

- d.


dragon knitter said...

oh dear. caliente, indeed! good thing i'm going to bed shortly, and have mancandy to take my angst out on.

you need to start showing up earlier at S&B so i can hear all the good stuff! wassup?

AliP said...

Thats some pretty sock.
When you heading Frenchward, sugar?

Melanie said...

I hear ya 'bout the lace knitting. I just started a lace shawl even thought I cannot remember the last time I wondered why I don't wear more lace shawls. I'm on row 11 and I already fucked up. Yay me!

Anonymous said...

Ok, thats weird. Belizean politicions? I'm from Belize, and beleive me, we don't think that our politicions are hot (Only the climate). If you wanna know something....about belize our something you must give me your e-mail address. Find some way. I'll be back in two weeks to see if you wanna talk to me about Belize, or politions.lol.

deawn said...


Two weeks, eh? How do I know you're really from Belize? How do I know you're not some spammer/pornographer who plans to use my email addy for an illicit purpose? (Worst of all, even if you are a spanner/pornographer, you have no intention of cutting me in on the profits!) What up?

If you have absolutely any dirt at all on Johnny BriceƱo, you simply _must_ contact me, immediately at:

weird4belize at ymail dot com

Please don't be a spy or someone dangerous...Thank You.

deawn said...

P.S. Sorry about that soccer game fiasco thing.

P.P.S. The second one, I mean. The first one wasn't so bad.