05 October 2004

L'autumn c'est merveilleux!

As many of you may know, autumn is my favorite time of year. It affects me hormonally in ways most people feel springtime. It's a very sensuous time of year. When I go outdoors, I smell fireplaces and wet leaves, and the drunks on the bus don 't seem nearly as putrid. I feel warmth and furry things against my skin, enveloping me like a coccoon. It's a nice feeling. If I dwell upon it, I can even conjure up a smellucination of a deep dish apple pie being served in a cozy inn off the beaten path. The colours are brilliant and ubiquitous. When I sleep at night, I dream of flying through the Laurentians with an abundant carpet of colour and texture. It's lovely.

If I may, I wish to offer a 'cyber novena' for some friends and their relatives. Vijay's grandma is in hospital with heart trouble. The medical experts aren't sure what to do. I will say a prayer for her to make a speedy and full recovery. Jacques father, Docteur Pierre-Paul, is having hip replacement surgery today. I will pray for him to get back to health soon, too. My dear friend Susan's mother-in-law is recovering from a stroke. I will continue to pray for Susan and her family, because they've been through so very much in the last year.

Today the veterinarian told me that I have a very healthy guinea pig. He weighs 2.7 lbs. and hates getting shampooed. That's a pity, because he has a long and flowing mullet of fur from his ass that requires regular maintenance. It doesn't bother him, but as a mother, I worry. No doubt all you other mothers out there are feeling me completely, right about now.

I really ought to put the trash out. I've been putting it off all day, and I'll be damned if I let it sit in the vestibule until Friday!

- D.

P.S. Today is Patrick Roy's birthday.