31 October 2004

A mind is a terrible thing to lose.

My cousin Jimmy is a paramedic/fire captain. He was summoned to an address is a Jerry Springerish part of town. After the injured party was patched up, the resulting paperwork was addressed. The victim's son provided answers until one of the questions left him utterly confused. The resulting dialogue went something like this:

Paramedic: What's her first name?

Clueless son: "Uh....Mama, what's yer name?"

I swear to God I'm not making this up. At least he didn't say "Mama".


kRySnDaWn said...

How old was the victim? Surely not a full grown adult!

deawn said...

The victim was a disabled woman in her early 60s, while the son was indeed a full-grown adult, estimated to be in his late 20s. She had fallen out of bed, and they wanted to make sure she hadn't broken anything, etc. Unfortunately, the paramedics were unable to address the son's intellectual deficiencies...Pity.