25 December 2004

Merry Christmas & Have A Nice Kwanzaa.

Aunt Helen & Aunt Ruth, modelling their Chrismas presents.

Scarf and hat for Cousin Janet.

Christmas was delightful. We celebrated at my cousin Janet's home, and she prepared a sumptuous feast. After the repas, we did the gift thing. Those who were chosen to receive my hand-knitted items seemed to like them quite a lot. In fact, Aunt Ruth kept her hat and scarf on for the rest of the evening, and it wasn't even cold in the house! Most flattering of all, I was told that Aunt Ruth also wore them to church today, so I'm certain she really did like them. Aunt Helen is always gracious (yet sincere), and she seemed to be very pleased with her gifts from me, as well. Janet was extra happy--which put my mind at ease, since I couldn't decide which colors to chose for her stuff. But I knew she might like them for herself, since she really really liked the brown scarf made with the same yarn, that I gave to her daughter, my cousin Lisa. The yarn I used, "Stars" by Adriafil, was purchased at Mangelsen's in Omaha, a town I thoroughly detest (thought you should know).


~Jo~ said...

Awe! What a sweet picture of family wearing your knits, they really seem happy too. Wishing you very happy holidays!!! :)


Mona strickt said...

I can see that other than me you had your camera ready...good job!

They look smashing in their knits - I hope it's cold enough in OMAHA to enjoy them... ;-) Both of them sure seem to like what they got!