17 December 2004

'Tis the season for eating mass quantities.

The esteemed group of knitters in the secret, underground, Montreal Knitting Collective had a festive holiday party chez Mouliné Yarns, located at 2679 Notre Dame W. in Montreal, not far from Atwater Market and Métro Lionel-Groulx. Our brief-but-obligatory knitting session was taped by a cameraman/reporter for Radio-Canada's "Culture Choc" program. The angle was about the resurgence of knitting (particularly among the young), and the role of blogs in promoting it all.

The majority of the evening however was spent eating, drinking, exchanging cookies, chatting, eating, and eating some more, which was simply fabulous, due to the generousity of Mouliné's owner and operator, Mme. Svetlana Kudrevich. I mean, she really had an exquisite spread. Fellow knitter Lee Ann tried to get me well drunk by pouring me a bigass glass of wine. (Thanks, Lee Ann!) Every time I thought I had finished eating, I'd see something else I felt compelled to stuff down my pie hole, and would rapidly scarf it down. Just when I thought I had made a big enough pig of myself, Reina offered up an ultra-delicious flan. And then, Svetlana produced some huge trays of pastries along with coffee, then sat them right in front of me! (How could I refuse?) Mona and I, had a nice conversation about accidents involving knitting needles, and the like, and Molly Ann joined in with her own stories of misdventures. Véronik impressed me with a story about the time she inadvertantly sewed her finger while using a sewing machine, and well--the whole thing pretty much ended up as our own decadent tribute to gluttony...

It was divine!!

However, before I forget, I simply have to show some love to the five other knitters who participated in the cookie exchange (see the picture of the cookies just under the heading):

Margaret: Butter Pecan Cookies (at 4 o'clock, on the plate)

Mona: Hildabrötchen (right in the middle)

Svetlana: Gingerbread Men (at 6 o'clock)

Véronik: Chocolate and Almond Swirls (at 1 o'clock)

Lee Ann: Hazelnut Orange Biscotti Dipped in Dark Chocolate (11 o'clock)

Yours Truly: Snickerdoodles (at 8:45-ish).

They were all simply delicious. Big ups to Svetlana for making the Gingerbread Men extra gingery! Those little men had a kick--I adore spicy food. And please accept my apologies for making the snickerdoodles sweeter than I intended. But look at it this way--if you see someone going into insulin shock, just shove one of 'em in their mouth. It should send their blood sugar soaring in no time.

For those of you who have requested it, I'll provide the recipe soon as I can make one up. I'm strictly from the "dump-n-dash" school of culinary arts.

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