26 January 2005

That HAD to hurt...

Culled from the craftster.org website, after being sent the link by my dear friend Susan, who is an extremely avid knitter:

"It was a day, like any other. I was rushing to get to the school on time. I was going to be a substitute one-on-one for a special needs kid. I hed to get there early enough to get him off the bus. I threw my knitting in my humongous vinyl Nine West bag I bought about 6 years ago. Back then it was my stylish diaper bag in disguise. Now it served as my knitting carry-all. With the bag slung over my right sholder behind me I opened the car door and pushed myself in. Just then a searing pain in the ass made me leap out only to realise a size 10 needle had ripped it's way through the bag due to the weight and force of my body. I saw it had also stuck into my ass. Yes, ladies and gents, I impaled myself with my own knitting. And just like a cowboys and indians movie from my fathers childhood, I grabbed it like an arrow, clenched my teeth, and pulled. The needle was in there, the fleshy side of the cheek, about an inch. Hospital e.r. sent me home with a script for an antibiotic. No stitches for fear of sealing in any bacteria. Now I knit with a limp."

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