01 April 2005


I just made up a word. See, all this obsessive knitting, combined with my lousy-yet-inventive technique has given me this weird looking bump on the front of my right index finger, just between the first joint and the bottom of my nail. It just sort of sat there for about a month or so, and I wasn't even sure if it wasn't one of those mid-life finger crisis things that I'd imagined, so I didn't mention it to anyone. (Seriously, I was worried that it might be a wart, or something I've prided myself on never having, you know--like lice). But after consulting carefully with a trusted few, it appears to be like a corn on my finger; hence, the word "fingercorn".

I figure if you can have peppercorns, why not fingercorns?

I've tried using those little Dr. Scholl corn and callous removal products, but they're not particularly helpful. Dear Glenda from Touché told me to try Neosporin, while one of the SNB knitters suggested Bag Balm. (This is after all, an agricultural region. If it's good enough for udders, it's good enough for my fingercorn, n'est-çe pas?)

I'll keep you updated on developments as they shrivel up and go away...because anything less would seriously impair my career as a hand model. And we just can't have that.

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