14 April 2005

Moonlight Mohair Madness

Here is a pic of the poncho/shawl/wrap, etc., I made using the free pattern courtesy of Lion Brand Yarn. I chose Moonlight Mohair in Safari 203, rather than Purple Mountain 206 used in the pattern photo, because I'm difficult that way. Actually, I found this color to be a bit louder than the purplish shades, and after having been subjected to so much beige for the last few months, something gaudy just felt right. It knits up quite fast, with size 13mm needles. (What this really means, is that I have yet to get the stronger progressive lenses I so desperately need). Therefore, I shall continue to knit with bigass needles until said eyewear has been purchased.


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Sam La Tricoteuse said...

Dear Deawn,
As part of the Montreal Knit Collective (although we never met at Mouline's) I just want to tell you that I had switched my blog from Blogger to canalblog - here the url: samlatricoteuse.canalblog.com