24 May 2005

Close Encounters of the Knitted Kind

Fidel's Love Approach
My Victoria Day weekend was spent finishing up several knitting projects. Among them, Pasha the Penguin, from knitty.com. I figured it'd make a nice gift for my newest cousin, Naya, born April 20th. In the hope that this attempt would be a bit more successful than "The Funky Worm," I decided to adhere to the pattern a bit more closely. So naturally, something else had to go awry, and this time it was a slight enlargement of the beak. Although this was purely unintentional, I actually prefer a bigger beak. But hey; that's just me.

I decided to test the finished product by introducing Pasha to Fidel, my studly male boar. As you can see from the photos, Fidel wasted no time getting up in Pasha's face. I knew what was coming next--the sniffing. And sure enough, sniffing quickly turned into nibbling. Next thing I knew, Fidel had Pasha flat on his back, and was attempting to mount him, for purposes of eating his face off.

My quick thinking was the only thing that saved Pasha from further humiliation as the object of Fidel's rather boorish advances*. But before the serious carnage began, I got some great shots. (By the way, Fidel is the one on the left).

After a quick spritz with Lysol, Pasha was none the worse for wear, and safe to present to Baby Naya. (And even if she's not into penguins, she shares her home with a dog, cat, and two parents, who might find him more interesting). After that encounter with Fidel, I think he'd enjoy a little indifference, for the time being.

* Yes, I meant to do that, and no, I'm not sorry. So there. Deal.


~Jo~ said...

Pasha is beautiful! I'm sure Naya will enjoy sniffing it too. LOL! ;) I must ask though... did you get new glasses? This projects uses small needles, doesn't it? ;)

Hope to see you soon. :)

Anny said...

The penguin is really cute!

Fidel is quite a looker too, I love guinea pigs! Er, I mean boars, lol!

Mari said...

Fidel fills me with guinea looove! Please tell him I think he is lovely. I'm pretty sure that penguin said something that deserved a face eating. *shakes fist at Pasha*

Also I agree with the larger beak being better, it looks much more pengiunish that way.