14 May 2005

Jamaica mistake?

No, I meant to do this. And yes, I finally completed the Jamaica Bag, and have even had a chance to break it in on a grocery shopping trip last evening. Nothing was broken (including my shoulders), so I deem it worthy to give to my dear friend Hope in Mississauga, once I Febreeze it real good and brush off the cookie crumbs (please, don't ask).

Sorry about the pukey green background, but the weather sucks right about now, and I wasn't hyped for anything brighter. What's more, when I went to PJC last night, they were completely out of Wine Gums, and I was greatly disappointed. At least once each week, I need to eat candy that has the potential of ripping out my mercury-laden fillings. And I'm getting damn tired of Nibs.

Oh well...

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