20 May 2005

So lovely.

I think it's very pretty. Of course, I didn't make it--but it's nice.

A lady named Mary from Lincoln, (and I don't mean the wife of the dead president), made it, then gave it to me. She often gave me things. Mary was a lady who lived in a senior's residence with my beloved Aunt Agnes. Whenever I'd visit Aunt Agnes, Mary would come for a visit, because she took a liking to me. We'd tell dirty jokes, eat cake, knit stuff, and generally speaking, kick it. Those days were fun, but they're long gone. Aunt Agnes and Mary have passed onto another plane, so our 'visits' are of a more metaphysical nature. At any rate, I like to believe they inspire me through their 'spiritual presence,' so to speak.

It's doubtful that I'll ever master anything this ornate, but it's a nice reminder of good ol' folks from the good ol' days.

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