16 August 2005

Unfinished Bidness.

This is to clear up a matter discussed at Sunday's Montreal Knitting Thang. Please pay particular attention to the paragraph detailing the Scottish "pervert who attempted to have sex with a frozen chicken..."

Next, I've posted a photo of my grandmother, grandfather, and family pooch, who looks suspiciously like Nadine's dog, as seen in her blog. (Although, my dog and grandparents are no longer on this earthly plane, I'm fairly certain that the two are not the same dog--note the date on the photo). They might, however distantly, be related. Then again, maybe not. Whatever.

Finally, my work continues on one of my eventual Dropped Stitch Shawls which I'm doing in Stacy Charles Ritratto, as per the pattern (for a change). I arranged it in a casual pose on the piano, because I'm tired using the floor as a backdrop. Check it:
As you can see, I have a long way to knit, but hey--no hurries, no worries. I'll finish it when I finish it. But now, I'll close with a photo that has been making the e-mail/dirty joke rounds for some time. For some strange reason, whenever I see it, I fall out in uncontrollable fits of laughter. Perhaps the reason is that I get off on a irreverent, tasteless humor that ridicules public figures whom I don't particularly like. This one fits those categories quite nicely, doesn't it?
Meanwhile, everybody stay real. I'll post more when the spirit moves me. Ciao.


nadine said...

Wow ! look at your grandparents all fancied up ! they look Maaahvellous, Dalink !

and your puppy is Wonderful !
Yes - you're right: somewhere down the line, your black curly companion is related to my knitting companion.

nadine said...

The September issue of Vogue is in the stores now ... i tell you this because there is a feature on shoes ... as well as many gorgeous shoes advertised. New you'd want to see them .. or maybe you'll just head straight to the store & skip the magazine altogether.