03 August 2005

You might call it corny...

Over the weekend, I found out that one of the preeminent musical influences of my youth died. While he will be dearly missed, his broad smile and virtuosity will stay with me always. In his youth, he was invited to sit in with one Mr. Lawrence Welk, the Champagne Music Maker himself, and amazed everyone there so much, that he was offered a job with the band, right there and then. (He played a killer-version of "Lady of Spain" which forever changed the repertoire of bar-mitzvahs all over North America). There will never be another one like Myron Floren--but as a tribute, this guy in Minnesota made a portrait of him, entirely from corn. That's right--corn. Click on the photo to read more.

Adios, Myron...We Adore You.

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