08 August 2005

Why did I attempt this while Mercury is in retrograde?

It's true--I should have known better. But I felt the need for a little sprucing up in a graphic way. As usually, my timing suck'd, so I've decided to return to the former 'generic' version of this blog until I can get the code straight enough to display my new, punchier banner.

Meanwhile, here are a few photos of some of my many, many, WIPs. I've decided if I can't get my eyes to focus, why should anything else about me follow suit?
Big Ass Baby Blanket (made with huge needles)

Either a Capelet or Shawl (I haven't decided yet)

The Trinity Shawl (in hemp, naturally)

Cleo (from Knitty.com)

Drop-Stitch Shawl with Knit-PicksYarn (in Prairie)

Some kind of tank
made with 100% cotton yarn
graciously donated by Mona


Mona strickt said...

D, should you need more - I got another cone...just sayin'.

Susan said...

Man...you're making me look slow. I thought I was doing good doing socks, two scarves and a trinity shawl.

nadine said...

i am LOVING your new banner ! !