05 November 2005

Look before you leap (Colorado Style)

I actually saw this reported on Denver TV newscasts during my visit west...

This is yet another reason you should never sit directly on the seat during a visit to the loo. And if you must, if there is anything (absolutely anything at all) on the surface of the seat, find another crapper. Dig?

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Madelina said...

I guess you didn't catch Penn & Teller's episode on their show, "Bullshit", wherein they debunk the myth surrounding germs on toilet seats. Here's a link where you can watch a clip: http://www.sho.com/site/ptbs/topics.do?topic=safe
One should note the obvious and often overlooked fact that germs are small enough to make it through the porous paper toilet covers. But you're right, if it appears something is on the surface, move on! Idiots!