05 November 2005

Bite Me, Omaha.

The few excuses for being in Omaha generally revolve around food. Read this and learn perfectly useless details about one of the greasiest of sandwiches, The Reuben.

N.B.: The Blackstone Hotel building now houses offices, including the headquarters of Berkshire-Hathaway Investments, run by the obscenely rich (and hopelessly geeky) Warren Buffett. Mr. Buffett's daughter Susie is one of three owners of String of Purls, a big-ass yarn joint, also located in Omaha. Jo simply adores their bags, (and hell--so do I).


~Jo~ said...

I sure do love their bags, now imagine if I had the chance to actually visit the store too. ;) Both my bags are happily holding yarn projects and waiting for me to knit. Sigh... so much to do, so little time!

christine said...

DUDE, that's weird! I have been eating rubens for the past 2 weeks!
And I didn't even like them before!