22 April 2006

Je suis icitte... but my yarn isn't.

This is a photo of the yarn stash I packaged for mailing to Montreal, featuring the Easter Lilly I got on the cheap Easter Monday. The cheezy plastic egg comes courtesy of Mother. Keep in mind this represents about 80% of my total stash...I only shipped the stuff I just had to have near and dear. Included in these big ass boxes are bits and pieces of my Knitting Library, save for the magazines, which can wait (for now).

As of this writing, they haven't yet arrived, but no doubt the yahoos of Homeland Security are busy photocopying their favorite patterns and running their grimy little paws through my beloved fiber. Bastards!

At least I didn't have to deal with that hateful TSA woman with the beep-beep wand when I cleared security at the airport. (Tender mercies and all that).

More news on my travel adventures to follow. Stay tuned...

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