30 April 2006

My yarn...

has arrived, but not Chez Moi. You see, (in my infinite wisdom, borne of the need to sidestep the bureaucracy involved in declaring stuff to customs that I already own,* and mostly bought in Canada anyway), I sent it to a friend's place in Prévost. (Yes, Prévost. See Figure A). Soon as this friend gets enough jack to fill his gas tank, he'll drive the 60 kms needed to deliver the two biggest of the five boxes mailed, right to my doorstep. Or patio. (Depending upon the weather, of course).

Figure A
Now, all I need are my books. Those are addressed to me, at my actual residence. Hopefully they'll arrive soon, as well. Since both the USPS and Canada Post are involved, I'm not about to hold my breath...

I'll keep everyone up-to-date on these important matters as (or if) they develop. Straight up and for real. Would I lie?

* Breathe here.

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