30 April 2006

Useful Things.

During my exile, I tried knitting a necktie with self-striping sock yarn.

I failed miserably.

My hands/arms/elbow/shoulder/neck got sore from trying to wield the ultra-unwieldy size 2.75 mm needles, and what's more, my vision limitations meant I couldn't see fuck all!

What to do, what to do...

Turn the half-assed Piece-O-Shit into Something Practical, that's what! (Despite my scorn toward all things in America's Heartland, I have to admit, my innate Midwestern practicality remains within, not unlike my ongoing battle of the bulge; but I digress...)

As perimenopause transforms rapidly into full-blown menopause, I find myself needing more and more little pouches to shlepp around in my purse for various and sundry ephemera, e.g.:

A great way to eliminate wrapper fatigue!

High-tech protection!

Sometimes you have to double-bag it.

But then, you never know...

When the flood gates open, it expands!
And finally,

Relief from those pesky hot flashes!

I was going to include a photo of my self-striping pouch holding my digital camera, but since I was using it to take the picture, I gave up on that. Sure, I could have used my phone to snap a pic, but I can't remember where I stuck my phone's USB cable. (It's around here somewhere, but then hell, what isn't??)

Okay, well...that's all for now. Peace.


dragon knitter said...

deawwwwwwwwwwwwwwnnnnnnnnnn! it's me! minnie! lol. can't wait for the death tour, we miss you already! you should see all the fiber floating around. carin bought this big ass box of fiber for her wheel, and i taught jen to navajo ply. also, if i can recall it, annie modesitt is doing something in french, and wanted some opinions. i'll have to go back and look, but iw as going to ask the other girl too (i can't recall ehr name, help a girl out, eh?)

as for the perimenopausal thing, i wish! i'm so sick of this, and yeah, i'm starting tomorrow too. blech. i saw your blog when you commented on jen's blog.

K. said...

There's something about all the things you write that make me laugh so damn hard...I think everyone should knit on of these pouches and post pics of it holding all sorts of random stuff...I'm wondering what mine would hold...It's great to have you back!

Susan said...

Your grandmother would be proud.

Knit Chick said...

Come visit my blog. I posted a picture of that Rabbit for you :) fortheloveofcraft.blogspot.com - It was nice to talk to you tonight. (Robyn aka "Coops")