03 September 2006

Ghetto-style knitting implements, holiday junkets, and carnal desires.

Who knew Nasacort caps could be so functional?
You know that think about necessity being the mother of invention? That's wrong. Poverty is. And here's my proof--I created these functional little point protectors from the caps on the countless bottles of Nasacort I've been snorting all fucking summer. With a small wad of Fun-tak (represented by the little white ball in the photo) to keep everything in place, I've created cheap and environmentally-friendly knitting gadgets, although they probably have some of my DNA from snot residue, but I like to think it's just me, The Artiste, putting a bit of myself into my work.
This one was made from the prong protector thingy of my new scanner.

"I wants me some of that."
So here's the deal. I'm still trying to escape from Omaha, but it seems that I can only get as far as Denver, for the time being. Yes, I realize that it takes me even further away from Montreal than I already am, but I'm only going there so I can do the groupie thing around Taylor, and perhaps convince him to run off with me to Lachine, where we will live happily ever after. Wish me luck.

More when I return, which hopefully will be Wednesday evening, but most likely will drag into Thursday morning, because air travel is laid out like that, these days...


mary j said...

your coming home? really! for real??

how exciting! :)

hope to see you soon!

mary j

dragon knitter said...

now wait a minute, i thought omaha was your snowbird home. if that's the case, winter's already on it's way. does that mean you'll go home for a month, then come back here, or are you going to brave a montreal winter?

and those aren't ghetto, they're macgyver. go, girl!

Judith said...

Deawn, I see you've gotten into your "rasta" yarn already!

I miss you when you're not here. I hope you have a nice time in Denver.

I had a killer migraine yesterday, so I wasn't at SoP for sit and knit, but Miriam is going to phone me later and fill me in on stuff.

Hugs, girl!

Mona strickt said...

'kay - first of all: I can't believe you're actually knitting SOCKS! with fairly small needles. Wow.

Then: have to agree with MLJ and say: hope to see you soon, that is exciting!

BTW, you're not the only one who missed the VT Sheep and Wool Fest this year...

Nik said...

I read somewhere a while ago that someone has turned the underwire from her bras that have gone bad into stitch holders.