13 September 2006


Now that's just plain nasty.

This is what happens when you go to a buffet after having starved yourself all effing weekend so you can maximize your input. (Actually it's a python who got piggy with it and devoured a pregnant ewe, which is disturbingly similar).

Hey look, I actually completed two!

When I'm not sublimating with mass-quantities of foodstuffs, I'm overindulging by purchasing far too much sock yarn. Please note one completed project (above) and another one which is in progress (below),using Trekking XXL and the Hedera sock pattern from Knitty. I like how the pattern looks more difficult than it is, and how quickly it knits up. (The quasi-camo Aqualrel No. 155 colorway is nice, as well). I thank you in advance for not making rude comments about my bony ankles.

Socks are like...the new dishrags.

When I feel like it, I'll update you on the many other goings-on in my world. Right now, my sinuses are megapissed at me, and are making my life very painful indeed. So this will simply have to do...



Alcariel said...

Ok, that snake thing is just plain gross, but I can't stop looking at it!! And hooray for finishing your socks!!!!

dragon knitter said...

woot! finished socks! and they look tres chic!

did you know anyone at the college that got shot up in montreal?

and my secret word was oinkpg. how apropo!

puck said...

love the socks, and love hedera...and your skinny ankles :>

Mona strickt said...

So the sock demon found another ardent worshipper...Yay for Miss D.!

Have you started your sock yarn stash yet?

Judith said...

Great job on the socks!

And I'm feeling rather like that python.

I guess it's back to Weight Watchers for me!

dragon knitter said...

i guess that snake is singing "it had to be ewe" (ducks)

missed you guys last night, can't wait for next week.

Knitting Momma said...

Hey, Deawn...thanks for sharing such a disgusting photo with us at String of Purls last night. Have a safe trip back to the Real World (aka Canada) and we'll see you soon!

puck said...

AHHHHH! when are you leaving for canada? will i get to see you before you go? when will you be back? (i am apparently feeling a bit needy right now)
if you will be around next thursday will you be joining in the coup and moving to touche for the night?
also who is knitting mama? she goes to our snb on thursday, i thought i knew everyones "handles" just curious:>