29 September 2006

The Reset (le 29 septembre, 2006)

Yeah Tara!
(Check out her other site, too)

I made this one myself, for less than $40.
(That's $35 if you consider that I bought the wrong wood the first two times--plus I'm talking Canadian dollars!)

(XXXtra Nasty--You've Been Warned!)

Oddly enough, this one is clean...



dragon knitter said...

hey, the minister who married mark & me was a bike rider. in fact, the broken bones were due to some bozo who turned in front of him on 52nd st.

Judith said...

Deawn, are you back home in Canada? I'm glad to find your blog so that at least in that way I can enjoy your sense of humor.
Hugs, girl! /judith

PS - I'm on the beta blogger now, so I can't post as usual here. Oh well!

Snarled Yarns said...

Wow who knew that so many people though Sean-Paul was the ultimate in ugly!
See ya Thur!

dragon knitter said...

i saw those critters, and you are right, they are FUUUUUUUUUUGLY!