02 October 2006

Global knitting for the greater good.

This is proof that I don't merely knit--I manage to star trip at the same time. Read about the very first SnB group I dared to join, and their plan to keep street kids in Montreal warm(-er).

Then, you can read about the organization Dans La Rue,
founded by Father Emmett Johns, aka 'Pops'.

But don't hate me because I'm well-connected...
Everyone reading this blog is welcome to send in a square!
(This means you).

In the event you don't understand the intricacies of mailing small-hand knitted items to Canada, please leave a comment with your e-mail addy, and I'll respond accordingly. Because it's laid out like that. Can ya dig it?

...I knew that you could.

- D.


dragon knitter said...

i'm assuming this means you've left the heat-riddled insanity known as omaha? you wanna talk stank! it's going to be 93 today! oy!

Anonymous said...

Deawn, I'll knit a square. I'll email you when I need your snail-mail for sending it. Or do I just send it to the organization and mention your sweet name????

Hugs! /jb

Anonymous said...

Deawn, I mailed my squares today!