19 December 2006

Merci mille fois, Shelley!

I love imports!
See all the great loot I got from my Stitch Marker Swap partner Shelley? It's all wonderful, and I've already started using my goodies. Read all about Shelley's Country Variety Life, just outside Edmonton.

I love socks!
I finished another pair of socks, as you can see from my expert modelling above. The were made using Tara's Kona Superwash Merino in Goblin Elbow Blue. I had planned to give them to my Close, Personal, and Special Friend E., but they came out so nice, I think I'll keep them for myself. What's more, he's going to spend the holidays in Trinidad (and I don't mean Colorado...), so he'll have no need for socks until after the first of the year...right? (Besides, I've already knitted up another pair with his name on 'em, so to speak, so it's all good).
This, I can't even make up.
I'll close now with more bizarre photos of cute little animals. Click on the pics to see the site where it all originates...


dragon knitter said...

i thought maybe they were your guinea pigs!

meredith said...

hey deawn - i tried to knit during that hockey game too. mistake!
checking in on the blanket in a friendly way. love the cute animals!

Judith said...

Very cool socks, cherie! And cool gifts!

Merry Christmas from Omaha, with cyber hugs and good knitting to you, too!

Snarled Yarns said...

Merry Christmas!
Tonya In Nebraska

puck said...

merry christmas and happy boxing day!
miss ya down here!ifweshadows