10 December 2006

Some of what you missed during Sunday's Montreal Knit Thang...

For Melanie: Click Here
(then click on the picture)

For the hell of it:

In addition, we discussed my overhanging epiglottis and tilted cervix, escaped mental patients from the Allen, why math sucks, cold goop used during an ultrasound, and places David Bowie has slept during his visits to Montréal. Then I talked about my felting frenzy, hopefully to be completed prior to Christmas (at this point, even Orthodox would be good). Surf over to Ms. Jennifer Tallapaneni's Pie Knits, and check out her pattern "Stella". (It's one my latest numerous UFOs).


~Jo~ said...

Someone even got a free pen at the meeting too! ;-)

It was great fun seeing you again Deawn!!!

Judith said...

Love the shrug for the little furry guy! Thanks for all of the laughs! Joyeux Noel (sp???), cheri! /jb