06 December 2006

Stick this in your ear.

Click on the pretty picture and let it take you to a place that will blow your mind.

It's where I been hanging until Taylor's official CD is released, hopefully December 15.

And yes, I've been doing some knitting, as well--although ma vie sportif hasn't been going particualrly well lately. I made the error of attempting to knit during the Habs/Maple Leafs game during Saturday last's Hockey Night In Canada. Stitches were dropped, dpns were flung, and my nerves were shot. Big ups to Saku Koivu (not Koigu) for making the victory happen.

I have other photos, largely of seasonal UFOs, but I'm not hyped to post them right now. Keep checking back to see if I get over it.
Here's your Weird Animal Picture. Enjoy!

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Caroline said...

I was at the Bell Centre Saturday. What a game!