30 October 2007

Happy Hallowe'en, Y'all

dragon pig...Why?

If this beast shows up at your door, just give it plenty of lettuce. Preferably romaine.

Thank you.


AliP said...

You live!! YAY!
Listen, Deeawn, question for ya...not too long ago on Lime and Violet the mentioned a midwestern Deeawn visiting and who was talking dirty nasty talk while visiting and knitting and making them laugh. Girl, was that YOU???!! How many knitting dirty funny Deeawns can there be in the midwest??
When you coming back north???
Happy Halloween to you...but poor little piggie(rofl)

deawn said...

When you say 'midwestern' and 'nasty,' you've said Deawn. Or something like that.

Yeah, it was me. Look for my return soon. It was s'posed to be two days ago, but hey...shit happens.

Hope to see everybody again reeeeeeal soon!

dragon knitter said...

honey, at least your pig was IN costume. we had 3 kids show up without, and when asked what theywere? "ourselves." lights went out right after that. sheesh!

Jennifer said...

See, now, THAT's why I come to your blog. To see small rodents dressed in clothing. That's absolutely adorable!

Latoya said...

How cute!